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OBJECTS / GUIDELINES OF THE BOARD ARE: To open educational institute time to time and provide certificate for 1 month to 2 or 3 years after completion of their educuation. • To provide certificate/diploma after completion of courses and exam at selected educational institution by organization. • To run decided courses by board of trustee and new courses would be added time to time or to amend on need. • If any organization want to run any educational organization with affiliation, then their application would be recognized after completion of rule and regulation organization. • Organization has the right to provide certificate and diploma for all type of education and value of that certificate and diploma is valid for all govt and non-govt organization. • To run different type of courses at separate- separate unit on the basis of different type of education. • To open a unit like: jai bundela yog institute, jai bundela yoga evam prakritik chikitsa sansthan, jai bundela college of computer science, jai bundela nursing college, jai bundela institute of solar energy, jai bundela nursing consultancy, jai bundela competition academy, jai bundela college of vocational training and for all different type education to open with jai bundela institute etc. • To hold the control for organize and maintain of all type of unit established. • To organize and establish hostels, library, museum, computer training center, coaching, gaushala, Jim and I.T.I & politechnique institute after approval. • To establish school, college, university and organize best facilities of education for all boys and girls in all the languages. To run the courses of B. A, B.SC, B. ED, M. ED, M. A or B.P. ED, B.T.C, L.L.B etc. by the approval of concerned authority. • To fulfill the trust objective, the trust can take donation, grant and loan from central govt, state govt and any financial institution and to make bank limit. For the fulfill of above objectives trust can keep their asset on mortgage and trust can use their members security. • To run programme and establish institute of Kaushal viaks yojana organized by central and state govt for boys and girls. • To consort/work with educational/management/government and nongovernment bodies with a view to promote/protect develop/flourish/propagate the aims and objective of the society along with to develop/maintain infrastructure/awareness in the field of computer education •To provide consultancy and running Paramedical Science,Vocation Training,computer and yoga bureau, technical manpower services education service training services establishing training institutes appointing franchises take agency and franchises of all kinds of computer related activities. • To carry on certificate/Diploma courses relating to aforesaid objects and also providing placement for the same. • To organize lectures, seminars and workshop to help or strengthen the requirements of needy persons. • To give best possible teaching and training to its students, so they can easily serve in society effectively and with dignity. • To promote and popularized education under informal education system on pattern of Board, open school and universities of other countries. • By offering need based primary, secondary, higher secondary, technical, vocational, management and paramedical education courses. • To invite the different educational organizations including schools, colleges, To establish all type of educational institution in village and urban area and especially education of computer, yoga, nursing, paramedical course, remote education, vocational courses, teacher training, N.T.T or P.T.T course and art education and also by self-made courses. • To provide the best education available in some of the best schools of the Nation, Emphasis would be on character building, self-discipline and the development of the creative and social facilities: The Trust aims at producing well informed and well assured young people just the kind of Citizen that our country needs. •To provide vocational educational at its own or in association with other agencies/institutions in the welfare of the students by introducing some special beneficial schemes for the rural candidates, schedule caste, schedule tribes and other backward classes. • To establish, maintain, administer education institution for imparting general, technical, medical, scientific mechanical, social, art, commercial and any other kind of education for the youth irrespective of cast, creed and gender. ” The “BOARD OF HEALTH EDUCATION & YOGA ALTERNATE MEDICINE” is accredited with ‘ISO’ (International Standardization Organization) ratification which in itself is the Mark of Excellence. The Quality Management System is in Compliance with ISO 9001: 2008. ISO 9001 is a series of standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards define quality for products and services extended by the institution. For an organization to be ISO 9001 certified it must meet the standards of its institute and submit to an examination by an independent auditor. As a quality policy. Heyam is also running Skill Development Courses Under Prime Minister Skill Development Program Guidelines . Skill Development & Vocational Certification is the also a main project of HEYAM.We are opening new Centers. institutes, deemed universities, universities, film production houses, media production houses, magazines, websites & social media campaign etc. • To identify children from under privileged backgrounds and provide free basic education to them. .Bheyamindia run by "Badate Kadam" India Govt Reg. No. DIC/BTL/SOCIETY/2009/5160.